Your question: Who did AJ Dillon play for in college football?

What NFL team does AJ Dillon play for?

Does Corey Dillon’s son play in the NFL?

Dillon. Algiers Jameal William Dillon Jr. (born May 2, 1998) is an American football running back for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Boston College.

How good is AJ Dillon?

Dillon is a bruiser, a picture-perfect example of a cold-weather running back who can carve out lanes in December and January at Lambeau Field. Jones is flashy, dynamic, and versatile in both the run game and the passing game. Green Bay even goes as far as to line him up wide on an almost weekly basis.

What is AJ Dillon salary?

Current Contract

A.J. Dillon signed a 4 year, $5,285,830 contract with the Green Bay Packers, including a $1,404,240 signing bonus, $2,254,505 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,321,458.

Who did the Packers draft?

Packers’ 2021 Draft Picks

Round Pick Player
Round Pick Player
1 29 Eric Stokes
2 62 Josh Myers
3 85 Amari Rodgers
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