Which universities can I apply for with a low Ukcat score?

What do you do with a low UCAT score?

If you achieve a low UCAT score, there are many options available to you:

  1. Apply straight out of A levels to universities which place a lower emphasis on UCAT, outlined in this blog.
  2. Take the BMAT entry exam, used by seven UK medical schools (listed in the section below)
  3. Undertake a Foundation/Gateway year.

Which universities can I apply for with a low Ukcat score?

Other options for a low UCAT Score

  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • Imperial College London.
  • Lancaster University.

Can I get into medicine with a low UCAT?

With a low UKCAT score 2018, you may limit your chances in being selected for interview by many medical schools like Edinburgh which places a lot of emphasis on your final score, but it’s not the be all and end all. The method of selection by application departments varies a lot from university to university.

What is the lowest score you can get on UCAT?

Note: this article is most relevant to UCAT Scores 2021. For the first four sections you will receive a score between 300 and 900. The highest possible score is 900, while 300 is the lowest.

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Is 2400 a bad UCAT score?

A low UCAT score is usually considered to be a UCAT cognitive subtest score below 600. (i.e. a total cognitive UCAT subtest score of 2400). This equates to approximately the 30th percentile over the last 4 years. Many medical schools automatically exclude the bottom 30th percentile.

Is 550 a good UCAT score?

If you get a low UCAT score, do not be discouraged. We have known students who have gained a place with an average score of 550.

Is 580 a bad UCAT score?

What counts as a good UCAT score actually varies from year to year. Typically a score above 650 would represent a good outcome, and above 680 would normally be considered a high score. In 2020, a good UCAT score was between 640 and 670, and a high score is over 670.

What UCAT score is needed for medicine?

For the majority of medicine aspirants, applying to 5 year medicine programmes, a UCAT score above 680 is a good score. This means it is competitive to meet the cut off and get an interview. All published cut offs from medical school fall below this threshold.

Is 500 a good UCAT score?

So for 2020, we suggest that a good score was between 650-670. Anything above 670 (2,680) we class as a high score. With the current trend suggesting that mean UCAT scores are increasing each year, a good UCAT score is likely to be higher in 2021 than in 2020.

What if I fail UCAT?

If you have not been successful the first time you sit the UCAT, you can re-sit it without being penalised. In fact you can resit the test ANY number of times in subsequent years, but you may not sit it more than once a year. Please note that UCAT scores are valid for one year only.

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