Frequent question: What are the challenges that portfolio assessment poses to students as a method of assessing their learning?

What do you think are the possible challenges in using a portfolio assessment?

In practice, however, many challenges are inevitable. Despite many potentials benefits, the use of portfolio assessment is limited by some issues such as lower reliability, high cost, high demand for well trained professional teachers and unsupported learning atmosphere in Indonesia.

What are the challenges of portfolio?

Here are four common portfolio management challenges and how to solve them.

  • Education. There is a severe lack of education among many of those who take on portfolio management. …
  • Formatting. …
  • Reporting. …
  • Integration.

What are the disadvantages of portfolio assessment?

Disadvantages of Using Portfolio Assessment  It may be seen as less reliable or fair than more quantitative evaluations.  Having to develop one’s individualized criteria can be difficult or unfamiliar at first.  It can be very time consuming for teachers to organize and evaluate the content of portfolios.

What are the challenges of portfolio assessment to students?

They encounter problems such as resistance, non-completion and difficulties with evaluating the portfolio and assessing the evidence. Similar problems were experienced in an initiative where portfolios were used to assess academics in a module for their professional development.

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What are the 3 types of portfolio?

Types of Portfolio Investment

  • The Aggressive Portfolio. Aptly named, an aggressive portfolio is aggressive because it aims for higher returns and often undertakes higher risks to achieve this objective. …
  • The Defensive Portfolio. …
  • The Income Portfolio. …
  • The Speculative Portfolio. …
  • The Hybrid Portfolio.

What are the advantages of electronic portfolio?

E-portfolios provide a rich resource for both students and faculty to learn about achievement of important outcomes over time, make connections among disparate parts of the curriculum, gain insights leading to improvement, and develop identities as learners or as facilitators of learning.

What challenges are face in portfolio management discuss in brief?

Key Takeaways: Among the most widespread business problems that may come in the way of successful project portfolio management are poor visibility into project-related data, productivity gaps due to insufficient task automation, collaboration and communication issues, and suboptimal project selection.

What is the difference between portfolio assessment and traditional assessment?

Portfolio gives an insight into the progress the child is making and reveals the strength and weaknesses of the child unlike traditional assessment. It is clear that both performance and portfolio assessment provide feedback to students whereas traditional assessment do not.

What are the benefits of using portfolio assessment?

Portfolio assessment offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • A Record of a Child’s Ongoing Development Over Time. …
  • Information to Help You Design Instruction. …
  • Children’s Involvement in Assessing Their Own Work. …
  • A Method of Communication. …
  • Before you begin, there are some practicalities to consider.
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What are the advantages of using portfolio assessment?

Portfolio assessment enables students to reflect their real performance, to show their weak and strong domain and to observe student’s progress during the learning process, and encourages students to take responsibilities for their own learning.