What happens after Saved by the Bell college years?

What comes after Saved by the Bell: The College Years?

Saved by the Bell was followed by Saved by the Bell: The College Years, which caught up with some of the characters as they attended Cal U. While the series concluded with Zack and Kelly’s (Thiessen) wedding in Las Vegas in the 1994 finale, a spinoff called Saved by the Bell: The New Class aired from 1993-2000.

What happens at the end of Saved by the Bell?

What Happened With the Saved by the Bell Movies? Saved by the Bell made two made-for-TV movies throughout the run of the original series and the College Years spinoff. … Of course, everything turns okay in the end, and the movie/finale ends with Zack and Kelly getting married as their friends and family look on.

Is Kelly from Saved by the Bell married?

She married actor Brady Smith on July 9, 2005, and they have two children: Harper Renn Smith, their daughter born in June 2010, and Holt Fisher Smith, their son born in July 2015.

What does the term saved by the bell mean?

Rescued from a difficulty at the last moment, as in I couldn’t put off explaining his absence any longer, but then Bill arrived and I was saved by the bell.

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Do Kelly and Zack end up together?

Portrayed by

During the later years of her high school career, she became the love-interest of lead student Zack Morris, and after an on/off relationship, the two eventually married.