What can you contribute to your country as a student?

How could you contribute best to your country?

9 Little Contributions You Can Make To Make Our Country Better

  • Stop littering around. getty. …
  • Be environment-friendly. getty. …
  • Help support a child’s education. getty. …
  • Stop participating in corruption. getty. …
  • Be better Neighbours. getty. …
  • Pledge to donate your organs. getty. …
  • Donate blood. coolavenues.com. …
  • Get out and vote. getty.

What can be your greatest contribution to the community as a student?

The greatest contribution that students should give to society is that of ideas. … Students also contribute to society through the organisation of pressure groups especially in situations dealing with the needy and future generations such as the environmental issues.

How do we serve our country?

You can serve your country without being in the military by joining the Peace Corps, becoming a teacher, starting a business, taking care of the environment, advancing your education, learning how to manage your finances, giving to charity, voting for the right leaders, or working for the government.

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How can you contribute to your country as a student essay?

Given below are a few simple but powerful activities you can easily integrate into your student life and make a difference in the society:

  1. Start with something small.
  2. Help your local charity raise funds.
  3. Encourage education.
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Join with an adult/experienced activist.

How can students contribute to the society?

Encourage education

You may contribute to increase the nation’s literacy rate by educating more and more people. You may teach your maid, her kids, and others who wish to learn. If all the youngsters take part in educating illiterate people around us, they can make a huge difference in the society.

What are your roles as a student?

As learners, students play a crucial and active role in education. They involve and interact with students and teachers, participate in classroom discussions, and act in a receptive manner. … Students spend a significant portion of their lives in schools apart from what parents teach them at home.

What can students do to help the economy?

Related Items

  • 1 Become an entrepreneur. …
  • 2 Buy small. …
  • 3 Update your home. …
  • 4 Donate to educational organizations and charities. …
  • 5 Order takeout. …
  • 6 Celebrate life. …
  • 7 Consider supply chains when you buy. …
  • 8 Outsource what you can.

Why is it important to serve our country?

Throughout our nation’s history, members of the U.S. military have served our country with honor, courage, and dedication. Service men and women are prepared to mobilize around the globe at a moment’s notice to preserve freedom, protect the common good, and bring relief to disaster-stricken areas.

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What it means to serve your country?

Meaning: When someone is serving their country, they have enrolled in the military.

What do you want to do for your country?


  1. Make the administration set up in an organised manner.
  2. Change the educational system.
  3. Try to be a True Indian to make sure that my country lead.
  4. Make my India neat and clean.
  5. Improve and Introduce new technological facilities .

What can I do for my country essay?

If I want more exciting work, I may join the Army, the Air Force of the Navy. By doing so I shall be strengthen the defence of the country. I may thus get a chance to lay down my life for the sake of the country. No service can be greater than the sacrifice of my life for the protection of our freedom.

What I can do for my country speech writing?

I have made up my mind to involve myself in many social project as possible for the good of my country men . We Will together work towards making stronger and happier India . I am thankful to my teacher for giving me chance to talk in front of you and thank you for listening me quietly. Thank you !