You asked: How much is a unit at College of the Canyons?

How much does COC cost per unit?

Since we are a part of College of the Canyons, our classes are priced per unit. College of the Canyons current per unit fee is $46. Plus a material fee which varies per class. An estimated total of the program is between $2,000 and $5,000**.

How do you pay for classes at College of the Canyons?


  1. Online payments – You may pay online with a credit card by logging into My Canyons and going to Make a Payment. …
  2. Pay in Person – You may pay in person at the cashiers window. …
  3. Mail A Payment – You can mail us your payments (checks, cashier checks, or money orders).

Does College of the Canyons have dorms?

College of the Canyons does not have dormitories, therefore students may not live on campus. … Any agreement regarding housing or related services shall be between the student and the housing provider and not between either party and the International Services and Programs and/or College of the Canyons.

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