What happened at Alcorn State University?

What is Alcorn known for?

Alcorn is the oldest public historically black land-grant institution in the United States and the second-oldest state-supported institution of higher learning in Mississippi.

What famous person went to Alcorn State University?

Notable alumni

Name Class year Notability
Alex Haley attended Author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Kimberly Morgan Miss Mississippi 2007
Michael Clarke Duncan attended Actor
Alexander O’Neal attended Musician

Is Alcorn State University a good school?

Alcorn State University is ranked #10 out of #15 in Mississippi for quality and #8 out of #15 for Mississippi value. This means it is below average in quality with a price that reflects that in the state.

Who served longer than any other president at Alcorn State University?

Served as President of Alcorn State University

Walter Washington is Alcorn’s longest-tenured president, serving 25 years in the position from 1969-1994.

Is Alcorn State a black college?

Story Details – Alcorn State University. According to College Consensus’ first ever ranking of Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Alcorn State University is the leading HBCU in the nation in student satisfaction. … Alcorn’s student review score was the highest of all HBCUs on the list.

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Why should I attend Alcorn State University?

In Alcorn’s diverse living and learning environment, students develop the skills they need for lasting success in our global marketplace. Alcorn is a place where nurturing and guidance share the stage with independence and accountability.

Where is Alcorn?

What GPA do you need to get into Alcorn State University?

Undergraduate Requirements

Complete the College Prep Curriculum with a minimum 2.5 GPA and score at least 16 or higher on the ACT or rank in the upper 50% of your class and score at least 16 or higher on the ACT. Complete the College Prep Curriculum with a minimum 2.0 GPA and score 18 or higher on the ACT.