What GPA do you need for UMKC?

How hard is it to get into UMKC?

UMKC admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 61%. Students that get into UMKC have an average SAT score between 980-1330 or an average ACT score of 21-28.

What GPA do I need to get into UMKC?

Under the UMKC test-optional admission process, applicants with a 2.75 or University of Missouri System (UM) core GPA may be admitted to UMKC without submitting an ACT or SAT score.

What is a passing grade at UMKC?

Policy Statement

Letter Grade Description Points per Semester Hour
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D Passing, but unsatisfactory 1.0
D- 0.7

How much does UMKC med school cost?

School of Medicine Estimated Education Fees for 2021-2022

M.D. Program Expense Estimate
Academic Fees & Costs Resident Tuition & Fees $35,280
Regional Tuition & Fees** $51,818
Non-Resident Tuition & Fees $68,348
Room & Board (off-campus fall / spring / summer) $15,664

Is UMKC a good school?

College Factual ranked UMKC as #779 out of 2,576 colleges and universities in the country on its 2022 Best Colleges list. UMKC also holds the #13 spot on the Best Colleges in Missouri ranking.

Does UMKC have dorms?

Of about 9,000 UMKC undergraduate students, 1,430 live on campus in one of three buildings: Oak Street Residence Hall, Oak Place Apartments or Herman and Dorothy Johnson Residence Hall. … “Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan, while students living in the apartments are not.”

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Is UMKC in a safe area?

UMKC is a very low-crime campus. Theft is the most frequent offense, so here are some helpful tips from UMKC Police: Keep your residence and vehicles secured at all times. Never leave your valuables unattended.