What does RA stand for in college dorms?

What is an RA in housing?

A resident assistant (also variously known as a house fellow, resident advisor, community assistant, resident mentor, residence don, peer advisor, community advisor, collegiate fellow, or senior resident), commonly shortened to RA, is a trained peer leader who coordinates activities in residence halls in colleges, …

What do colleges look for in an RA?

Because the position is a commitment of time, emotion, talent and energy, an RA should have a demonstrated ability to balance his/her own pressures of academic and personal responsibilities. Successful RAs are willing and able to live within both university and residence life policies.

Can an RA Check your fridge?

‘They can and do observe anything in open drawers and closets and in plain view. ‘ There are times when an RA can enter and even search unannounced. The only time a container is searched without explicit consent is during ‘announced safety inspections’ and ‘at every closing’ of the semester or year.

How much do ra get paid?

One of the most appealing reasons for students to become an RA is a significant discount on housing. Many colleges pay RAs with free or discounted room and board, sometimes even including food from the cafeteria. Compensation can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

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How many hours a week does an RA work?

How much time does the position take? The RA position is unique in that it is a live-in position. There are 8-10 structured and scheduled hours per week (e.g. attending meetings), but additional responsibilities take up at least another 10-12 hours a week. On the whole RAs work an average of 20 hours a week.

What its like to be an RA now?

Dorm life got kinda serious. An R.A. will typically oversee a dormitory floor or building; they are responsible for limiting parties and helping new students settle in. … At some schools, R.A.s are trained in how to help prevent sexual assault.

How much time does it take to be an RA?

Many RAs start off as first year undergraduate students and then apply for the position for the second year of their degree. Doing one year of full time classes will allow you to earn the required credits for the position. Some institutions may require less undergraduate credits to apply for the position.

Does being an RA affect financial aid?

As an RA, you will not be billed for room and board, so your financial aid will be adjusted based on this cost difference – that is, since you earn your room and board, you cannot also be awarded financial aid for it.

What skills should an RA have?

Examples are communication (verbal and written), problem-solving, interpersonal, analytical, research, and time management. Your RA position is chock-full of these valued skills.

Why should I be an RA?

“Being an RA teaches skills that help with anything and everything: people skills, conflict management, being responsible for other people and preparing for real life problems.” Overall, being a resident assistant is more than just a job to help pay for college and a good leadership role to put on a resume.

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