Is Fscj a community college?

What type of college is FSCJ?

Founded in 1965, Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), then known as Florida Junior College (FJC), opened its doors during the height of the nation’s community college movement to proudly serve the Northeast Florida region as the first public, postsecondary educational institution in Duval or Nassau County to …

Is FSCJ a 4 year college?

FSCJ provides options such as accelerated curriculums and prior learning assessments that can help you earn an accelerated bachelor’s degree. As a four-year college, FSCJ wants you to start here and finish here, eliminating the unnecessary worry of transferring.

Is FSCJ a private college?

Affordable: FSCJ ranks among the top 50 most affordable public, four-year institutions in the nation. Plus, we provide many financial aid and scholarship opportunities for our students.

Does Jacksonville have a community college?

The Florida Community College at Jacksonville (“FCCJ”) is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It has five campuses in the Jacksonville area, and five additional centers which host classes and programs for students.

Does Fscj have dorms?

Set right in the heart of downtown Jacksonville in the historic Lerner Building, FSCJ Student Housing offers a convenient and affordable housing opportunity for our students. … FSCJ student housing offers the modern, comfortable conveniences of home with a trendy, urban twist.

What GPA is required for FSCJ?

FSCJ uses the student’s cumulative academic grade point average (GPA) to measure qualitative progress. To meet this standard federal financial aid recipients are required to achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative academic GPA of 2.0 which is consistent with FSCJ’s graduation requirements.

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Is college in Florida free to residents?

To get free tuition, graduates would agree to work in Florida under new bill. … To qualify, a student would have to be Florida resident with a high school diploma or equivalent and come from a family whose income is $50,000 or less.