Is Baker College Public or private?

Is Baker College a nonprofit?

The Baker College system is Michigan’s largest independent college. We are a non-profit institution, and tuition is our sole source of income. We do not receive federal or state funds or alumni donations.

Is Baker College a trade school?

Baker College Trade School Programs | Top Trade School.

Is Baker a d1?

The Baker University Wildcats are the official sports teams of Baker University located in Baldwin City, Kansas.

Baker Wildcats
University Baker University
Conference Heart of America Athletic Conference
NAIA Division I
Athletic director Nate Houser

Is Baker College going out of business?

The college announced Jan. 10 that it will close the campus by August 2020 and move operations to the Owosso site. The school will also close its Auburn Hills, Clinton Township and Allen Park locations and combine them into a new metro Detroit campus.

Is Baker College still in business?

Baker College is a private college with its main campus in Owosso, Michigan.

Baker College.

Former names Baker Business University, Baker Junior College
Type Private
Established 1911
Endowment 325.5 million (2019) (Primary beneficiary of Jewell Educational Fund)
President Bart Daig

Who bought Baker College?

Robert Jewell purchased Flint’s Baker Business University and brought both schools under a single management group. Muskegon College became a non-profit corporation. The two colleges received authorization to grant an Associate of Business degree.

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Is Baker College accredited?


Founded more than a century ago, Baker College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission to grant associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.