How many beds does St Louis University Hospital have?

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

Who owns St. Louis hospital?

SLU sold the hospital to Tenet Healthcare Corporation in 1998. Now, in 2015, as SSM Health assumes ownership of the hospital and SSM Health St. Louis and Saint Louis University expand their partnership, the long history of collaboration between these two Catholic organizations comes full circle.

What does SSM stand for?


Acronym Definition
SSM Scientific Support Manager (various organizations)
SSM System Status Management
SSM Solid State Memory
SSM Sound Status Memory

Is SLU Hospital a Level 1 trauma center?

For nearly 30 years, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital has been a designated Level 1 Trauma Center for Missouri and Illinois, and remains just as dedicated today in providing the highest quality care for traumatically injured patients.

Is SLU part of mercy?

Mercy Hospital St. Louis is part of the Mercy Health Care System. It is the sixth largest Catholic health care system in the country with 25 local St.

What will happen to the old St Louis University Hospital?

In 2015, the university bought back the hospital, then gave it to SSM Health, “the Creve Coeur-based health care system sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, formerly Sisters of Saint Mary. The facility will become SSM St. Louis University Hospital.

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How old is St Louis University hospital?

Saint Louis University Hospital (SLU Hospital) is a 356-bed non-profit, research and academic medical center located in St.

Saint Louis University Hospital
Emergency department Level I trauma center
Beds 356
Opened 1933 (as Firmin Desloge Hospital)

Is SLU part of SSM?

We are pleased to invest in our City’s workforce and economic development. The Grand New SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, which opened September 1, 2020, houses sophisticated technology and design that supports and elevates our academic-medical partnership with the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Where is SSM Health headquarters?