Frequent question: How many credits do you need to graduate OCC?

How many credits is an associate degree OCC?

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Code Credit Hours
Additional General Education Credit (from the categories above) 8
Program Specific Requirements 37
Elective Courses 3
Total Credit Hours 60

Does OCC offer 4 year degrees?

At Orange Coast College, you’ll get the same high-quality education that you would get at a four-year university, only without the student debt.

Can I transfer to a CSU without an AA?

Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T)

AA-T or AS-T admission applicants are given limited priority consideration based on their eligibility ranking to an impacted campus/program or to campuses/programs that have been deemed similar to the degree completed at the community college.

Do OCC credits expire?

The short answer is that college credits don’t ever really “expire.” If you’ve earned a passing grade, then your credit for the class will be permanently logged on your transcripts with the school you earned them with.

What is a passing grade at OCC?

Grades and Grade Points

Grade Significance Grade Points per Unit
C Satisfactory 2
D Passing; less than satisfactory 1
F Failing
P Pass; at least satisfactory Hours awarded; not counted in GPA

Is OCC tuition free?

Oakland Community College, in partnership with the Michigan Reconnect program, is offering free in-district tuition to qualifying Michigan residents who want to earn an associate degree or certificate. … To qualify for the free tuition, Michigan residents must meet all the following criteria: At least 25 years of age.

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Is OCC a 2 or 4 year college?

Orange Coast College provides a 4-year university education, without the crushing debt. In fact, it’s possible to attend the top transfer school in Orange County for zero dollars! … OCC welcome students back to campus in a phased reopening for the Fall 2021 semester.

Is it hard to get into Orange Coast College?

The Orange Coast acceptance rate is 100%.

What percent of students don’t know what their major is?

You’re part of the 75 percent of American college students who either start their college career as undecided or change their major at least once.