Frequent question: How do you measure student engagement online?


What is the Online Student Engagement Scale?

The NSSE benchmarks five clusters of activities indicating student engagement, including level of academic challenge, a supportive campus environment, enriching educational experiences, student–faculty interaction, and active and collaborative learning (Robinson & Hullinger, 2008).

How do I monitor student engagement virtually?

Here are 10 great tips for improving student engagement in your virtual classroom.

  1. Break the ice. …
  2. Foster a community. …
  3. Create individual learning plans. …
  4. Develop curriculum around shorter content. …
  5. Integrate face-to-face virtual interactions. …
  6. Learn by doing. …
  7. Add flexibility into the curriculum.

How do you measure participation in an online class?

Assessing Online Participation

  1. Ask each student to contribute to a Zoom meeting. …
  2. Students could share work using the screen share function. …
  3. Assign roles for Zoom meetings. …
  4. Have students complete a task, answer a question, debate an issue in a breakout room and share their discussion, solution, answer.

How can online students improve engagement?

Recommendations to Increase Student Engagement in Online Courses

  1. Set Expectations and Model Engagement. …
  2. Build Engagement and Motivation with Course Content and Activities. …
  3. Initiate Interaction and Create Faculty Presence. …
  4. Foster Interaction between Students and Create a Learning Community. …
  5. Create an Inclusive Environment.
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What is student engagement in learning?

According to The Glossary of Education Reform, student engagement “refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught, which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education.”

What does an engaged student look like?

Indicators of Behavioral Engagement: Students are alert and listening. They track the lesson with their eyes. They take notes and ask questions.

How do I connect virtually to students?

Connecting with students in the online classroom

  1. Use video content. Keep your virtual lessons and feedback engaging by adding videos where possible. …
  2. Add a personal touch. …
  3. Focus on relationships. …
  4. Encourage a sense of community. …
  5. Make a classroom playlist.

How do you increase student engagement?

Increasing Student Engagement

  1. Implementing a mix of content and activity to present information in a variety of ways (i.e., visual, textual, audial, tactile, kinesthetic)
  2. Having students work on activities that allow them to use higher order thinking skills (e.g., analyzing, evaluating, and creating)

What are some key indicators of student engagement?

Reviews of previous literature on student engagement suggest that the following behaviors are important indicators of student engagement in face-to-face learning environments [28–31]: learning effort, participation in class activities, interaction, cognitive task solving, learning satisfaction, sense of belonging, and

What are three dimensions of student engagement?

Student engagement is a multi-faced concept (cognitive, emotional, and behavioral) and should be examined holistically, rather than in isolation.

What research says about student engagement?

According to multiple research studies, engaged students: Experience improved academic achievement and satisfaction. Are more likely to persist through academic struggles. Earn higher standardized test scores.

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How is student participation evaluated?

Participation is evaluated using the following scale: 10 points Student comes to class prepared; contributes readily to the conversation but doesn’t dominate it; makes thoughtful contributions based on the literature that advance the conversation; shows an interest in and respect for others’ contributions; participates …

How do I participate in Zoom class?

If it’s your first time using Zoom, visit the Educating Guide: Getting Started on Zoom and complete the steps in advance of your class to get you set up. Schedule your class in the Zoom application for your desired date/time and copy the invitation details to send to your students.

How do you get participation points on Zoom?


  1. Immediate quiz/questions.
  2. Explaining your method.
  3. Non-verbal feedback.
  4. Verbal questions.
  5. Written questions.
  6. Polls/quizzes.
  7. Breakout rooms.
  8. Screen sharing.