Does Montana State University have sororities?

Does CSU have sorority houses?

Welcome to fraternity & sorority life at Colorado State University! … Our fraternity and sorority community consists of over 60 fraternities and sororities with a total membership of 3,500 undergraduate students.

What sororities does CSU have?

Panhellenic Association (PHA)

  • Alpha Delta Chi. Sorority. Omega.
  • Alpha Sigma Kappa. Sorority. Theta.
  • Chi Omega. Sorority. Chi Zeta.
  • Delta Delta Delta. Sorority. Theta Lambda.
  • Gamma Phi Beta. Sorority. Beta Tau.
  • Kappa Alpha Theta. Sorority. Beta Gamma.
  • Kappa Delta. Sorority. Phi Epsilon.
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sorority. Epsilon Beta.

Is Montana State University a party school?

McLane said “approximately 90 to 95 percent” of the people at house parties are MSU students. “When we bust a party, it’s never just a get-together with a dozen people,” McLane said. “There are usually over a hundred highly intoxicated students, and only two or three of us officers trying to pacify them.”

Are there parties at Montana State?

Party Scene

Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.

How much is it to be in a sorority at CSU?

The financial commitment varies by organization and council. We can generally say the costs range between $200-$1,200 in a student’s first semester of membership, with higher commitments for groups with housing due to room and board and ‘out of house’ fees.

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Is there Greek life at Colorado State?

About 12.2 percent of the CSU student body is affiliated with one of the 26 fraternities and 20 sororities on campus, up from about 7 percent in 2013. … In 2016-17, fraternity and sorority members contributed a total of 68,437 hours of community service and raised $127,298 for philanthropic causes.

How much are sorority dues at Chico State?

The average cost for sorority dues is $663 for new members per semester and $410 for active members per semester. The average cost for fraternity dues is $724 for new members per semester and $647 for active members per semester.

Does CU Boulder have Greek life?

CU Boulder has a large Greek community with nine NPC chartered sororities and one associate chapter. Each sorority offers lifetime friendships, leadership opportunities, community service & philanthropy, networking, social events and so much more!

What sorority is PHA?

Alpha Sigma Kappa – AΣK (Women in Technical Studies) Sigma Alpha – ΣA (Professional Agricultural Sorority) Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi – ΣAEΠ (Jewish Sorority)

Purpose Statement.

Cameron Catanese President
Rachel Barckholtz Vice President of Public Relations

Is Montana State a dry campus?

Montana State University is tobacco free campus, to include e-cigarettes (vaping) and an environment where inappropriate use of alcohol and unlawful possession, consumption, use or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol is prohibited.