Do medical schools require CASPer?

Do you have to take the CASPer test for medical school?

Some med schools require Snapshot while others make it optional. For schools where it’s mandatory, it must be done within 10 days of taking CASPer. There’s no additional fee for this component.

How important is CASPer for medical school?

The CASPer allows applicants to show their non-academic strengths such as effective communication, ethics, empathy, professionalism, and compassion, all things that are necessary to become an excellent physician. By taking the CASPer, applicants can show that they are not just book smart but also “street smart”.

Do any medical schools require CASPer snapshot?

Most medical schools do NOT require CASPer and of those which do require it, most do not require Duet or Snapshot. This information is still fluid, in terms of which schools want applicants to complete the entire suite.

When should I take CASPer for medical school?

We recommend that you register for the Casper test in April or May of your application year and take the exam while preparing your primaries (i.e., your AMCAS application)—or soon after—because a few schools have begun requiring a Casper score before they review your application.

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Is the CASPer test hard?

The questions on CASPer® are objectively difficult – so you will be challenged. You may find that you read through a question and do not know what to write, which can lead to anxiety. Writer’s block happens.

Do med schools care about CASPer?

Not all medical schools want to see applicants’ Casper results. However, many top schools do require the Casper exam, including Boston University, Penn State, Tulane, and Virginia Tech. If you already know where you plan to apply and your chosen schools don’t require Casper, you can probably skip these assessments.

Does CASPer really matter?

CASPer is a Situational Judgment Test (SJT) that is NOT a pass/fail test like USMLE or MCAT. It is an assessment that RANKS large volumes of applicants based on their personal and professional qualities. With the USMLE or MCAT, if you answer correctly, it doesn’t matter what other people answered.

What is a good score on the CASPer test?

The grading of CASPer responses is done using a numerical Likert-style scale. The scale runs from 1 to 9 with 1 signifying a “unsatisfactory” response and 9 signifying a “superb” or superior one.

Can I see my CASPer score?

Each section of the CASPer test is scored by a different human rater. You will not receive your score, and won’t have access to it. Only the schools you apply to and have designated will see how you did. Each medical school decides how to use CASPer scores in their application process and decisions.

Can you add schools to CASPer later?

You must select at least one school for your distribution list in order to register for the CASPer, but you can easily add more schools to your distribution list after test day.

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Does CASPer test record you?

You will be recorded throughout the entire test, which is why a working webcam is required. This is to ensure you are taking the exam according to the regulations provided and not cheating in any way. You can take the CASPer exam once per admissions cycle.

Can you take notes on CASPer?

According to the creators of the CASPer, there is no way to prepare for the CASPer since situational judgment tests are supposedly immune to test prep. So, based on their logic, your professional skills, judgment, and sense of ethics are fixed entities, which suggests that you can’t improve your performance.

What is CASPer duet test?

Duet is a value-alignment assessment that compares what you value in a program with what the program has to offer. We developed this short assessment because we know each program is different and has something unique to offer, whether it’s teaching style, research opportunities, and interactions with faculty.